No jumping today

©Frøydis Asp Ormåsen Photography

No jumping Today/©Frøydis Asp Ormåsen Photography

Some days the weather conditions are just too bad for jumping.
The fog is too heavy or the wind too strong.
Basejumpers are among the most experienced hikers I know. They know how to read the weather, and they are in extremely good shape.
In Norway the weather can be challenging, and what seems to be a nice day, can turn out not to be. Or vice versa.
This day in Eikesdalen we had waited a long time in nice weather down by the lake, and looked at the fog around Katthammaren. Hoping to see the fog move a bit. After a while some of us took the chance and hiked to another mountain, Goksøyra.
After about 3 hours hike we arrived exit, and it was so foggy we couldn’t see more than 3-4 meters in front of us. We waited a little while, but there was no way the fog moved, and we had to hike down again before it got dark. The jumpers were of course a bit disappointed, but still smiling.

After a challenging hike in the fog this scenery was so beautiful on the way down. Knowing we had just about 1 hour left to the cars.
Even if they didn’t get to jump, I think everybody was happy after all. Doing something instead of just waiting for the weather. And despite the fog and a little rain we had a great hike!

On our way to Goksøyra in the fog

On our way to Goksøyra in the fog/©FAO Photography

..but you wint the hike!

Sometimes you loose the game…/©FAO Photography

Sometimes you loose the game, but you win the hike

…but you win the hike/©FAO Photography


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